• 5 daily congregational prayers
  • Juma Prayer at 1:00 PM
  • Eid Prayer
  • Daily taraweeh Prayer during Ramadan


Funeral Services

  • Funeral services are arranged by ISAK. Please contact:
    • Br Ramzi : 330-622-0778
    • Br Soorma: 330-575-1570


    • The $2300 cost covers the cemetery plot and burial; it does not cover funeral home services (which are outsourced) or the gravestone. 
    • Funeral services are arranged by ISAK administration as to secure the cheapest cost.
    • Gravestone must be secured privately by the family. 

    For more details please visit


  • A variety of books, CD’s and DVD’s are available at our Islamic library, Library is open to all the members.


Community Halls

  • 2 community halls are available to reserve, one upstairs and one at the main floor, it includes: Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Projector, Wireless Microphone and sound system.

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3- Click below to pay online

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Email List

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Phone Call Notification

  • To be added to our Automated phone call service and receive notifications regards any events or activities via phone call us at 330-494-0073 and leave a message with your phone number/s to be added.

Phone Text Messages

  • To Opt-in to receive notifications regards any events or activities via Text messages to your cell phone text the word “ALERT” from your cell phone to 22300.


Eid Party

  • ISNEO hosts two Eid parties at the Masjid, lots of food and fun activities so make sure to get your tickets on time.