Islamic Society of Northeast Ohio (ISNEO) was established

Until 2000 ISNEO activities were held in a portion of the property located on Cleveland Ave (South) that was owned by few local physicians. The neighboring school expansion resulted in the acquisition of the entire property by State of Ohio.

2000 to October 2003
During this period only Friday prayers were conducted at various locations by a small group – at school cafeteria, offices and Youth Centers.

October 2003
The community re-grouped and a office space was leased to establish Salat. In the history of the Society this marked an important event as the foundation was re-laid and activities were reenergized.

February 2005
Sunday School was reestablished and first semester of Sunday School commenced in Spring 2005. Another office space was rented to provide additional space for class rooms.

July 2005
An option to purchase a building for Islamic Center was evaluated and a decision was made to procure the building where Islamic Center is currently located.

September 2005
1st Fundraising was held.

September 2005
The property purchase was finalized by making the first initial payment. (Leaving 3 annual payments to complete entire payment).

October 2005
Building renovations were completed.

November 2005
Islamic Center was opened for Eid Salat.

June 2006
2nd Payment was made for the property purchase

June 2007
3rd Payment was made for the property purchase

July 2008
Final Payment was made for the property purchase.

August 2013
Community Hall renovation was completed.

October 2013
ISNEO School renovations.

May 2018
Outside renovations